TUMBLE TOTS - ages 3 to 5 years old, works on basics - front rolls, back rolls, cart wheels and round offs

TUMBLE 1 - ages 6 & up, works on basics, cart wheels, round offs, front walk overs, back walk overs, and beginning back handsprings

TUMBLE 1.5 - ages 6 & up, must be very close to a back handspring by themselves, be able to either throw a back handspring on the cheese mat or the tumble trak unassisted, work on cart wheels, round offs, work on standing back handsprings on the floor, and work on running round off back handsprings

TUMBLE 2 - ages 6 & up, must be able to throw a standing back handspring unassisted on the spring floor, must be able to throw a running round off back handspring unassisted on the spring floor, will work on standing back handspring series, standing back handspring tuck, front handsprings standing tucks, running back handspring series, running back handspring tuck, and punch fronts

TUMBLE 3 – ages 8 & up, must be able to throw and land at least 10 standing tucks during warmups, must be able to throw standing back handspring tucks, must be able to throw a series to a tuck, will work on standing fulls, standing two to layout/full, Arabians, front handsprings, running series to layouts/fulls, and running series to doubles

FLYER STRETCH CLASS – ages 5 & up, must be working on flying skills and on a competitive team at Phantom.  Required of ALL flyers in elite stunts on their teams –

STANDING TUCK CLASS – ages 6 & up, must be able to throw a standing back handspring, a series of standing back handsprings, and a running round off back handspring (all unassisted)

JUMPS CLASS – ages 5 & up, will work on fundamentals of jumps for competitive cheer and school cheer - many of the competitive cheerleaders would benefit from this class.

 CHEER 101ages 7 & up, learn the basics of cheerleading without the competitions, focus stunts, jumps, basic tumbling, and motions which will prepare you for competitive. This class will be ran in the same format as our competitive teams.

 BOYS TUMBLING / NINJA CLASS - ages 7 & up.  Does your son need a place to unleash his inner ninja? From the unique warm up drills, to how we stretch, to how we immediately begin our instructional progressions to teach them to learn flips, this class goes into all the things that boys love. Just flips, rolls, and climbs!


Phantom Cheer